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We provide expert support, cutting-edge software, and concierge case design that will help you plan cases more efficiently.

Expert Support

Tired of Product Pushers

Are you tired of product pushers? At Producers Edge you will gain access to industry experts with over 30 years of experience and knowledge. We have access to top carriers and the ability to educate you and keep you up-to-date on today’s ever changing environment in a clear concise platform.

Cutting Edge Software

Become a Superior Producer using Cutting Edge Software

9Create a comprehensive investment plan with real impact for your client.
9Communicate the merits of your investment plan for your client in a concise, easy to understand format.
9Dynamic interface allows for real-time changes in allocations or investment strategy.

Create a comprehensive illustration of your client case.

9Include discovery of risk potential of current investment strategy with Asset Allocation Analysis and map Cash Flow. Compare before and after with a recommended investment plan.
9Show Tax implications of your strategy.
9Help your client uncover and verbalize their investment goals.

Build a Structured Income Plan

9Use either the automated tools to build client case to meet client investment goals or build a wholly customized case with up to 12 investment accounts. This software includes Up to date Income Rider data so illustrations are fast and easy.
9Include other income sources, Social Security and other pensions etc. so your client can get a complete vision of their future financial plan.

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Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused trying to keep up with the latest rider or product offering and speak to someone that you can be confident will understand your client’s specific needs and provide a customized approach to case design.

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