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Personal Sales Coaching

Coaching Topics

How would you like to receive new marketing ideas, sales strategies, and business development processes and receive additional coaching, mentoring, and guidance from experienced trainers.

This program is highlighted by a “Synopsis and Action Plan” which accompanies each training session, to help with both implementation and accountability.

This is the best offer in the industry! Be a part of the Producers Edge ongoing Producer Training Membership!

Training Topics

We teach producers how to be better in all facets of the entire sales process, instead of the latest marketing fad that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

9Motivating Your Sales Team
9Establishing Manageable Goal Benchmarks
9Implementation of Accountability Measures
9Forming Referral Teams
9Proven Low-Cost Marketing Methods
9Increasing Production Through Cross-Selling
9Developing Public Speaking Skills
9Sales Strategies and Overcoming Objections
9Effective Communication During Appointments
9Providing Top Client Service
9Increasing Life Insurance Production

Private Coaching

Many organizations offer training for new and seasoned sales professionals. While these training programs can be valuable, they may not teach individual sales producers the real-world aspects and details that can help to elevate sales performance to an even higher level of success.

Not everyone sells the same way – nor should they. Producers Edge helps sales pros to identify the methods that personally work best for them and their clients. This is not a program that begins and ends. This is a true one size does NOT fit all approach to working with each producer on an individual basis, and to help improve all facets of a producer’s day to day operations.

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Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused trying to keep up with the latest rider or product offering and speak to someone that you can be confident will understand your client’s specific needs and provide a customized approach to case design.

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