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Are you ready for Retirement?

Producers Edge specializes in Retirement Phase Planning.  Incorporating Certified IRA Experts along with Advanced Estate, Legacy and Tax Planning Strategies to design your Custom Retirement Plan.  

With over 25 years of experience we have developed a highly specialized Distribution Phase to our client’s Retirement Plan.  You will learn the Four Retirement Income Traps and develop a personalized plan for growth, preserving capital, maximize income you cannot out live, and decrease your risk.  We will help you create a Personal Pension without costly fees.

For those clients who don’t need additional income and are 70 ½, our firm has uncovered an “anomaly” between the mandatory federal withdrawals and minimizing the decrease in your retirement account balance as withdrawals are taken.  This is a strategy you must take advantage of.

Our team at Producers Edge is uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of your retirement.  Contact Us Today!

Do you know the answers to these important Retirement questions?

Required Minimum Distribution
Learn the secret to: How to minimize the affect of your remaining IRA balance from the mandatory withdrawal starting at age 70 ½. How to reduce sequence of return risk from your portfolio.
Sell my existing life insurance?
If you have life insurance, whole life, universal life, variable life and even term life we can possibly sell that policy for more than the cash-in value.
Pension choices, Lump sum or Lifetime Income?
Many companies offer retiring employees the choice of how to take their pensions: Lump sum vs lifetime income. This is an irrevocable decision and should be well thought out. Find out which choice is right for you.
Paying Fees?
Let us help you discover the fees you are paying in your current annuities.
Do I re-think joint payout vs. single payout on my annuities or pension?
There are many pitfalls with this “irrevocable option” dying too soon or living too long. Let us do the math.
Do I have a retirement plan?
We will work with you to create a retirement plan based on your assets, income, expenses and personal goals. Let us stress proof your retirement years.
Do I have an existing annuity?

An independent annuity review or a 2nd opinion is crucial at this stage in your retirement.  Learn how to use your current annuities for their designed purpose.  We’ll teach you how to get the most from your annuity contract by maximizing your benefits.

How to get free mortality credits?
Mortality credits are extra income. Find out how this can increase your income or cover your RMD withdrawals.
How can my retirement money to last my whole life no matter how long I live?
Longevity is a retirees biggest risk. We have many analytical tools to solve the puzzle of never running out of income/assets.
Can I double my income for current or future physical impairments?
If you can’t perform two of six activities of daily living (ADL’s): bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, continence, and eating. Ask us how.

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