Retirement Strategies

Producers Edge specializes in Retirement Phase Planning. Incorporating Certified IRA Experts along with Advanced Estate, Legacy and Tax Planning Strategies to design your Custom Retirement Plan.

Required Minimum Distribution RMD’S
At 701/2 / 72

Solving the puzzle of the IRS mandatory withdrawals. We help clients minimize the affect that compulsory withdrawals cause on the remaining balance of their IRA accounts.

Sequence Of Returns Risk

During retirement years of the Distribution Phase you are withdrawing assets from your retirement accounts to fund your lifestyle. If you experience a negative “sequence of returns” early in retirement it can have a huge negative impact on your retirement assets.

Learn how to live on income not assets, the secret brokers don’t want you to know.

Managing “Longevity Risk”

The risk of outliving your assets is the number #1 worry amongst retirees. We have uniquely created the “Don’t Live Off Assets, Live on Income” strategy which we’ve implemented for many of our clients.

Lump Sum vs. Lifetime Income

Did you know that 20% of employees who chose to take their retirement savings in a lump sum depleted their cash In only 5 ½ Years. 

With our proprietary software we can determine your best option for Lump Sum versus Lifetime Income.  Do not make one of the most important decisions of your life without one of our qualified Retirement Phase Experts.

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